Hidden Valley Snow Play Area
Hidden Valley will be open for the 2002-2003 winter season...weather permitting.

Bring your sleds, tubes, moon dishes and anything else you have that will get you down the mountain and enjoy the snow. The snow is off to a great start this year and fun should be had by all who enjoy the winter.

Please exercise caution as this is an unsupervised play area and collisions and accidents will happen if you do not use common sense to add safety to your outdoor trip.

As part of a major effort underway to improve park facilities, roads, trails, and natural resources, the Hidden Valley area is being extensively improved. The old lodge building is being "deconstructed," taken apart carefully so that the maximum number of materials may be reused or recycled. Some frame members and old walls from this structure have already been re-used; others will be used for new construction on site, as well as for a temporary visitor center to be installed at Fall River Pass next summer. Other materials, like metal I-beams and electrical wiring, will also be recycled, saving money for the park and reducing landfill waste. A new Ranger Station/warming hut will be constructed at Hidden Valley, as well as a covered public picnic shelter. The previous parking lot is being reduced in size. A new accessible loop trail will be built adjacent to Hidden Valley Creek, and will become a ski/snowshoe route in winter.

A large part of the Hidden Valley improvement will be to the natural features of the area. Hidden Valley Creek will be restored to natural contours, and will be re-established as habitat for native Greenback Cutthroat Trout. Former pavement and building site areas will be revegetated with native plants and trees. Plans for this new Hidden Valley area may be viewed at the main Beaver Meadows Visitor Center.

Superintendent Jones wishes to remind people to be especially careful this year at Hidden Valley. Last winter many people were injured on these slopes, (as many as 6 in a single day) and this winter there will be the addition of a deconstruction zone at the base of the primary slope.

For current information on snow conditions or other park information, please call (970) 586-1206.

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