Special Needs - Accessibility
5 Jun 1999. Access Rocky flyer is still in "process." I hope to finish it in a month or so. --RMNP Staff.


I have making every attempt to discover those areas in the park that are accessible to those with special needs. An access symbol, Access Symbol, marks those area and programs that have been identified as accessible. The home page options of "Park Areas to Visit" and "Interesting things to do in the Park" are well marked and documented for accessible areas and activities.

Backwoods Camping

There is an area at Spraque lake for backwoods camping for two tents that have special access and are reserved for those who quality! Because this is a popular camping facility and limited to two-tent site, you should make your reservations early.  Fees and Reservations 

Accessible Trails

The 1/2-mile loops around Lily, Spraque and Bear Lakes are totally accessible and recommended for their access to wildflowers, birds and other animals. Lily and Sprague Lakes loops are very flat, while Bear lake does have some challenging sections, but none more than a typical ramp.

If you should find any errors or know of area that have not been examined and marked, but are accessible, please let me know and I'll update the listing.

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