Yellow Bellied Marmots
Marmota flaviventris
Marmot On a Rock

2 Marmots Playing

The two pictures were taken on April 18 at 9:00 am about 100 yards above the entrance to Old Fall River Road. Park in the Endovalley Picnic Area and hike up the road as  Old Fall River Road  is one way and once you start up it, you must drive 9 miles to the summit. Marmots are easy to photograph early in the day, as they love the warmth of the morning sun before they start their daily search for food. They make whistle noises and chucking sounds. Whistle pig is this animal's nickname. The whistle means a predator is coming.

As Marmots hibernate in the winter, these slim springtime versions will double or triple their weight before winter to a total of 8 to 15 pounds. Marmots are hosts for the tick that carries Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Beware! They eat flowers, berries, and leaves, and occasionally insects and the eggs of ground nesting birds, so not strictly vegetarian.

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