Bighorn Sheep
A full grown bighorn, around 8 years of age, could reach 300 pounds. A few of the largest males weigh more. Females are smaller but they still weigh around 160 pounds. They are stocky and they are among the largest wild sheep in the world. Bighorns spend most of their time walking for hours, eating on grasses, sedges and other low growing plants. Coyote, cougars, grizzly bears and wolves hunt for bighorns, but they can almost always escape by climbing up a rocky cliff.

Male Big Horn Sheep in Rocky Mountain National Park

The park is known for its herds of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep and no trip is complete without spotting them. A favorite place is at Sheep Lakes in Horseshoe Park. They come down Bighorn Mountain on almost a daily basis to graze and search for salts that collect in the sinkholes of the Sheep Lakes. Their schedule is very erratic but in June and July 2:37pm on Sunday afternoon is a good bet. Just kidding.

You also may find them near the Fall River Road and in the high country of Trail Ridge Road.

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