Wild Basin
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I have attempted to discover the origin of the name "Wild Basin". I believe that it is because of the abundant game found here in the early days, but would prefer to believe that is it was because of the abundant and diverse wild flowers found in this valley. To see some of the flowers from the Wild Basin Area, go to the Park Flora page.

Area Name Location / Information
Wild Basin Entrance Station Located between the towns of Meeker and Allenspark on Colorado route 7 (Peak to Peak Scenic Highway). Watch for signs.
Sandbeach Lake Trailhead Elevation 8,300 feet.
Access to:
  • Sandbeach Lake (4.2 Miles, 1,971 feet)
Copeland Lake  Photos Here Elevation 8,300 feet.
Finch Lake Trailhead Elevation 8,470 feet.
Access to:
  • Allenspark Trailhead (2.5 Miles)
  • Finch Lake (4.5 Miles, 1,442 feet)
  • Pear Reservoir Lake (6.5 Miles, 2,112 feet)
Wild Basin Trailhead Elevation 8,500 feet.
Access to: Interesting sign found near Thunder Lakes Trailhead: "All Stock except Llamas Prohibited".

Wild Basin Map

RMNP Wild Basin Map

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