Milner Pass / Poudre Lake

Cache La Poudra Creek just east of Milner Pass

Continental Divide:

The "Great Divide" separates drainages to the Atlantic from the drainage to the Pacific Ocean. It traverses America from Alaska almost to Cape Horn. (The southern most tip of South America.)


Beginning here, the trail follows the route of the Old Fall River Road to Fall River pass. Abandoned in 1932, this road was replaced by Trail Ridge Road. A 2-mile walk through spruce-fur forest brings the hiker to treeline, then to the fascinating world of the alpine tundra.

Atlantic Ocean Dranage:

Cache La Poudra Creek drains into the Platte River which flows to the Missouri, then to the mississippi, thus reaching the Gulf of Mexico. (A part of the Atlantic Ocean.)

Pacific Ocean Dranage:

Beaver Creek drains into the Colorado River, which then flows through Grand Canyon National Park and on to the Gulf of California. (A part of the Pacific Ocean.)

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