Trail Ridge -- Hidden Valley

The restoration has resulted in new year-round visitor use facilities, a safer winter snow play area, and expanded summer picnic facilities. The facilities are also a good staging area for visitors who are interested in snowshoeing, backcountry skiing and snowboarding in the undeveloped areas in and around Hidden Valley. All of the former Hidden Valley Ski Area buildings and the large parking lot have been removed. New facilities include a building for public restrooms, warming hut and ranger office, a new parking area, access road, and picnic pavilion. Some building materials from the original Hidden Valley lodge were reused in construction of the new facilities.

This year a section of Hidden Valley Creek, which has been hidden in a culvert for approximately 50 years, was daylighted, buildings were completed, and the parking area paved. Work has begun to restore wetlands. The natural resource restoration elements of the project will enhance wildlife habitat, particularly for the threatened greenback cutthroat trout, improve water quality, and reduce sedimentation.

The Hidden Valley Ski Area began operation in 1949 and was closed in 1992 due to poor snow conditions and lack of response from private bidders to operate the ski area. The project cost approximately $2.8 million. Approximately $2,440,000 from Line Item Construction funded a new water system (including tank and well), new power lines, new septic system, reclaiming old parking area, building smaller parking area, building accessible trails and picnic areas, building bridges, daylighting stream and restoring wetlands. Approximately $400,000 from park user fees (Fee Demonstration Program) funded the Restoration Project which included deconstructing buildings, removing ski towers/bases and slope restoration work.

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