Moraine Park
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Moraine Park Valley  Photos Here  
Moraine Park Museum  Access Excellent hands-on demo of "How the Rockies were made". Turn the dials and make the land heave, crack and buckle. Watch glaciers move down the valley carrying rocks and debris making moraines and carving new lakes. Also, excellent exhibits of the animals that inhabit moraine park.
Big Thompson River  Photos Here The Big Thompson River, whose headwaters are located in the Forest Canyon to the west, meanders through the Moraine Park before giving way to spectacular rapids. A dirt road turn off from Bear Lake Road will lead you to a small parking lot and two picnic tables. Also, a favorite stop for those fishing the Big Thompson River.
Moraine Park Campground Moraine Park Campground Information
Cub Lake Trailhead Elevation 8,080 feet.
Access to:
Fern Lake Trailhead Elevation 8,155 feet.
Access to:

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RMNP Moraine Park Map

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