Longs Peak
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Longs Peak Campground (Tents Only) Longs Peak Campground Information
Longs Peak Trailhead Access to:
  • Eugenia Mine (1.4 Miles, 508 feet)
  • Chasm Lake (4.2 Miles, 2,390 feet)
  • Longs Peak (8.0 Miles, 4,855 feet)
Access for Peacock Pool, Columbine Falls, Chasm Lake and of course Longs Peak (14,255 ft.). Trailhead elevation is 9,405 feet.
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Storm Pass Trail Access to the "Site of Eugenia Mine", Estes Cone Mt. (11,006 ft.). Trail ends at Bear Lake Road just above Spraque Lake.

Longs Peak Map

RMNP Longs Peak Map

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