Kawuneeche Valley
Colorado River
West Entrance (Grand Lake)
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Area Name Location / Information
East Inlet Trailhead Adams Falls is located just east of the town of Grand Lake.
Access to:
Kawuneeche Visitors Center  Access

Elevation 8,720.

Phone: 970-586-1513

Grand Lakes Entrance Station Rocky Mountain Park Fees
Green Mountain Trailhead  Access Restrooms are accessible. Elevation 8,700 feet.
Access to:
  • Big Meadows (1.8 Miles, 606 feet)
  • Granite Falls (5.2 Miles)
  • Flattop Mountain Trail (11.3 Miles)
  • Bear Lake (15.0 Miles)
  • Kawuneeche Visitors Center (5.9 Miles)
Onahu Trailhead No Restrooms.
Access to:
  • Ohahu Creek (2.4 Miles)
  • Tonahutu Trailhead (5.3 Miles)
  • Green Mountain Trailhead (7.4 Miles)
Coyote Valley Trailhead  Access Restrooms are accessible. 1/2 miles accessible trail along the Colorado River. "Pause at the exhibits and resting places and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and feel of this valley while exploring the area. Learn about the processes that created the landscape around you." Elevation: 8,924 feet.
Bowen/Baker Trailhead  Photos Here Restrooms are accessible as are the 6 picnic tables with fire pits. Elevation: 8,949 feet.
Site of the Holzwarth Ranch   Photos Here Access Restrooms are accessible. 6 picnic tables. Approximately 1/2 mile across the valley on an accessible trail is the Holzwarth Historic Site. Originally a subsistence ranch, a trout lodge for 10 years, then a dude ranch until the mid 1970. All modern buildings have been removed but the original buildings show life style of the 1920s homesteading and Dude Ranching. Volunteer guides give excellent short tours of the "Mama house" (1917-21) and other buildings (ice house, taxidermy shop and tent house). Open 10 am to 4 pm daily. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Gate at parking lot may be an obstacle for access. Stop at the Kawuneeche Visitors Center and they will radio ahead and someone will meet you at the gate. The "Mama" House is not accessible but the other buildings can be view from the outside. Elevation: 8,944 feet.
Timber Creek Campgrounds Timber Creek Campgrounds Information
Beaver Ponds Picnic Area  Access Restrooms are accessible. Most tables have fire pits.
Beaver Creek Picnic Area No Restrooms. 3 picnic tables.
Timber Lake Trailhead  Access Restrooms are accessible. 10 picnic tables with fire pits. Elevation 8,988 feet.
Access to:
  • Long Meadow Trail (3.4 Miles)
  • Timber Lake (4.8 Miles, 2,060 feet)
Colorado River Trailhead  Access Restrooms are accessible. 5 picnic tables with fire pits. Elevation 9,090 feet.
Access to:
  • Shipler Cabins (2.4 Miles)
  • Lulu City Site (3.7 Miles, 350 feet)
  • Little Yellowstone (4.5 Miles)
  • Hitching Gulch (6.0 Miles)
  • Ditch Camp (6.2 Miles
  • LaPoudre Pass (8.2 Miles)

Kawuneeche Valley / Colorado River /
West Entrance (Grand Lake) Map

RMNP- Kawuneeche Valley Map

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