Horseshoe Park
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A 500-foot thick glacier once covered this valley. As the valley glacier inched along over hundreds of years, it scoured out the distinctive U-shaped valley. Like giant slow-motion conveyor belts, the glacial ice eventually carried it rock debris down the valley. At the farthest point of the glacier's advance it deposited a load of rock fragments, called terminal moraine. About 15,000 years ago, the glacier began to recede.

As it dissipated, the glacier dropped rubble along its flanks, forming lateral moraines, and the melt water also left behind sediments that became the meadows of Horseshoe Park. Here, huge ice chunks split from the glacier and were buried in gravel. These massive blocks created depressions which, when the ice melted, became the kettle ponds known as Sheep Lakes.
See photograph from Rainbow Curve.

Area Name Location / Information
Fall River Visitor Center Open daily from 9:00 to 5:30. June 17 to August 18 9:00 to 6:00.
Fall River Entrance Station Rocky Mountain Park Fees
Aspenglen Campground A first come, first serve campground area.Aspenglen Campground Information
Sheep Lakes  Photos Here Access Elevation 8,650. Good chance of seeing Big Horn Sheep at the lakes. Meadows of Horseshoe Park are close to humans!
West Horseshoe Park  Photos Here West Horseshoe is a turnoff from US 34 at the western edge of Horseshoe Park. This road will grant you access to Lawn Lake Trailhead, the Alluvial Fan, Endovalley Picnic Area and Old Fall River Road.
Lawn Lake Trailhead Elevation 8,540 feet.
Access to:
  • Lawn Lake (4.5 Miles, 2,249 feet)
Lawn Lake trail follows the Roaring River to Lawn Lake and Crystal Lake. Note that "Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park" book list this hike as 6.2 miles!
Alluvial Fan  Photos Here The great washout of July 15, 1982 when 39 million gallons of water washed down the Roaring River.
Fan Lake  Photos Here The gate at this parking lot is close in winter. It is 1 mile to the entrance to the Endovalley picnic area and the gate to Old Fall River Road. In winter you can park here and hike, snowshoe or cross country ski into Endovalley.
Endovalley Picnic Area  Access This is also the gate for the Old Fall River Road, a one-way dirt road to the summit. The loop around the Endovalley Picnic area is 1/2 mile. NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING.
Little Horseshoe Park Overlook  Photos Here On US 34, overlook on the way uphill to Deer Ridge Junction. Overlook is a paved pullout about 75 yards from Deer Ridge Junction.

Horseshoe Park Map

RMNP Horseshoe Park Map

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