July 3, 2009
Old Fall River Road is Open
OK, so this was just another few "Ho-hum day in Paradise!"
Old Fall River Road opened today, July 3, 2009, so a quick ride with stops at some less than popular places, also a chance looking for flowers. About half way up it started to rain cutting short my attempt to photograph the less photographs objects and places. I will try again in a few days.
The start is 3 miles from this sign, but it warning is important. It is a dirt road, it is one way (up) and any vehicle under 25 feet that can run in Estes Park can make it. If it rains, the road is still passable and 4-wheel drive is not needed. I've never used it.
This flower is know as a Miner's Candle, (Cryptantha virgata) and the first I've found in Rocky. Then you tell a few people and many tell you how they are all over the place. Still I've not found them in other places. Grow 12 to 24 inches tall with flowers sizes  1/4 to 3/4 inches.
There are many stopping point along the trail that give excellent view of Fall River... here are two.

A couple of unknown flowers. If you know what they are. Please let me know. Email:
Some Skiers never give up. Skiing the snow fields of the high Rockies is a favorite of the die hard's. They will park vehicles on Fall River Road, then take another to the top of Trail Ridge Road and then ski down. This is a dangerous summer sport, because if they do not stop, rescue workers will have to carry them back to civilization.
Near the top there is a very green alpine valley that is typically inhabited by Elk. This day we could only find five, but typically there may be 20 or more.


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