Early June 2009 Images — Sheep and Elk
June 5, 2009 New born in Horseshoe Park

June 13, 2009 Typically bull rack for early June.
Antlers grow at about 1" per day until mid August.

June 5, 2009 — The massive rack is unusual for early June.
Can not image how big it will be by August!
Water fall found on the road from Horseshoe Park to Deer Ridge Junction.

Both ewe and rams need salt to survive.
Rams need to help with their new coat and for their horns to grow.
Ewe's need it for their coats and for milk for the young one.
The 5 sink holes (lakes) in Horseshoe Park are a good source.

Another Ram at Sleep Lakes

The sheep come down from Sheep Mountain and have to cross the road to get to sheep lakes. This image and the next one are the sheep returning to the mountain. It is necessary for the Park staff and Park Volunteers to assist with traffic and crowed control.

The usual suspects.
(You figure out which group I'm talking about.)


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