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Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park have arisen from the September floods like a phoenix rising from its ashes!  "Mountain Strong" is the slogan we have used throughout the rebuilding and we are doing better than ever before.  Don't stay away any longer.  Trail Ridge is open all the way to Grand Lake and the wildflowers and wildlife are more abundant than ever. 
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Bear Lake Road is closed!

Due to recent rains, Bear Lake Road will be close for repair.

New Trail Ridge Road Status Phone Number
(970) 586-1222

Dial (970) 586-1222 for a recorded message on the status of Trail Ridge Road. You may not know that our mountain make their own weather, so it is not uncommon to have snow in July or August at the top of Trail Ridge Road. It can be slippery and add a 20 mph wind, and you can have a white out. Such weather will only last for a few hours to a day, but if you are planning to cross over Trail Ridge Road, weather may hamper your travel. You also may find the road closed due to weather in early June and September/October.



Trail Ridge Road is still open, weather and road conditions permitting!


June 3, 2011 — Media Day on Trail Ridge Road produced some spectacular photographs of the snow levels. Most snow on Trail Ridge Road in 30 years! 2012 update: least snow in 30 years.


Temporary Closures to Protect Nesting Raptors
  • All closures go in to effect on March 1 and will continue through July 31.
  • Closures include Checkerboard Rock, Lightning Rock, Batman Rock, Batman Pinnacle, Thunder Buttress, The Parish, Alligator Rock, Sheep Mountain, and Twin Owls, Rock One. These closures include the named formations as well as areas extending 100 yards surrounding the base of the formation.
  • The perimeter around Alligator Rock extends for 200 yards in all directions.
  • Closures include all climbing routes, outcroppings, cliffs, faces, ascent and descent routes and climber access trails to the named rock formations.
  • These closures may be extended longer or rescinded at an earlier date depending on nesting activity.

    For updated information about Trail Ridge Road... call the Trail Ridge Road Hot line at 970-586-1222.
Elk in Horseshoe Park
Elk in Horseshoe Park
Saturday October 9, 2010


Free Shuttle Buses is closed for 2012 season.See info above about Bear Lake Road.

Zoomable Rocky Map:
Zoom in/out on the Park Map for a very detailed view.

Opening Day on Fall River Road (June 30, 2012) — Images

Trip Report and Images From late June, 2009 —
Old Fall River Road and Trail Ridge Road

Trip Report and Images From early June, 2009 — Sheep and Elk

Trail Ridge Road to Open on Friday - May 22, 2009
(Click here for a Preview)

Sheep Lakes at Sunrise & Sheep
May 15-17, 2009

View Spring 2009 Photos ( April 19, 2009 )

View Spring 2009 Photos ( March 27, 2009 and April 4, 2009 )

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Mountain Pine Beetle

Mountain pine beetle (MPB), Dendroctonus ponderosae, is native to the forests of western North America. Periodic outbreaks of the insect, previously called the Black Hills beetle or Rocky Mountain pine beetle, can result in losses of millions of trees. Outbreaks develop irrespective of property lines, being equally evident in wilderness areas, mountain subdivisions and back yards. Even windbreak or landscape pines many miles from the mountains can succumb to beetles imported in infested firewood. More Info...

Featured Animal: Bobcat


The bobcat is one of the 5 predators in Rocky Mountain National Park. About 1.5 to 2 times the size of a large house cat, it is a constant hunter. It has little fear of humans and can be found throughout Rocky and the town of Estes Park. Note the large tufted ears.

The other predators are bear, coyote, mountain lion (puma) and fox.


Fall River Band

Winter Above Timberline

Bear Lake — A perfect picture!


and other Park Publications:
(Standard information packet contains "Trip Planner", information on pets (Rover is not allowed on trails or in the back country), "Parks in Jeopardy" brochure, "Rocky Mountain Seminars" flyer and a current copy of the "High Country Headlines Newspaper".)

To obtain an informational packet or other Park publications, contact the Information Office:

Phone 970-586-1206
8:00 am to 4:30 pm
(Mountain Time) 7 days a week
TTY/TDD 970/586-1319
Other Phones Visitor Information Recorded Message - 970-586-1333
Backcountry - 970-586-1242
Campground Reservations - 800-365-2267
Fax - 970-586-1256
US Mail Information Office
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